2020 is looking better than 2021

My head is spinning again. I went to my 3:30 pm appointment with Dr. Bernal. I miraculously got the appointment which I actually nailed during what one would think is the office lunch break.

I was thankful because this pain is getting worse. It also seems to be migrating. It’s now kind of curving toward my back over my left hip.

I arrived and found the parking lot to be pretty full. The waiting room, which is shared with an obstetrician, was also full. There was one empty seat and it was next to an electrical outlet. That was good; my phone needed nourishment. Feeding didn’t last long. I was called almost immediately after I plugged in my phone.

I got weighed. Oh yay! Please, God, I want to be well enough to exercise the way I used to: INTENSELY. And my blood pressure was taken. It wasn’t high, but it was higher than usual. The nurse said it could be the pain stressing me out. I suppose that is possible.

Once I got settled into an exam room, I got the usual gynecological instruction, “Everything off from the waist down.” Oh yay! The paper sheet.

Dr. Bernal came in and I assumed the feet in stirrups position. She asked questions: “Bleeding?” “No.” “Painful urination?” “No?” “Where does it hurt?” “Not where it did. It’s more like at the bottom of my uterus, but also lower left abdomen. Sometimes it feels like it could be an ovary.” “Your ultrasound showed nothing wrong there. I think you might have a gastroenterology issue.” “Yes, I am aware that’s possible and I’m due to have another colonoscopy this month or next.” “Before we assume it’s your uterus and I take it out, let’s make sure it’s not a gastroenterology problem,” “Yes, I agree. I’m going to call and set up that appointment as soon as I get out of here.”

Basically, the girl parts looked normal. As soon as I got to my car I dialed the number for the gastroenterology procedure scheduler. I had to leave a message.

From there I headed to Publix first and then the Longwood branch of my bank, which is actually a credit union. I love them. I dumped Wachovia, which became Wells Fargo. Even though Wachovia was a really cool name, they had to go. I did not want Wells Fargo touching my small amount of money. Brian and I were warned in Portland to stay away from them and Bank of America. Fairwinds has been amazing.

I only ended up there only because my head was spinning over the possibility of a new medical issue. I was so spaced out I forgot to get my rent money order. Halfway home I decided to just drive the mike and a half past my street to deposit my refund check and stop at Winn Dixie for my money order.

We were mostly a Publix household when I was a kid my dad used to call them Winn Chintzy. I miss him.

This, I’m kind of at square one. What the hell is happening to my body now. I’m so over this. I kind of feel like I’m not going to feel good enough to work tomorrow, but I’m not rich. I felt guilty enough calling out today. I know that’s ridiculous.

The good thing is that before I arrived home I connected with the procedure scheduler and got my colonoscopy set for July 28th. The scheduler, Gabby, asked me if I wanted the same stuff I had to drink fir the first one. “Yes, it tasted horrible, but after talking to other people who went through this, it seems like the stuff I had was more tolerable.”

Later on my pharmacy sent a text telling me prescription was being delayed. “What now? My insurance is paid up till August,” I asked the pharmacy tech when I called for details. “Oh, just out of it. We had to get it from another pharmacy.” Whew! I’m sick of medical stress.

I was so looking forward to that maintenance phase of my health issues. I know it could be way worse. I know I’m lucky it’s not. Then again, it might be worse and I won’t have a clue until 7/28.

I requested 7/27-7/29 off. It already got approved.

That’s a relief.

NOTE: It’s going on 11 pm. I have to be at work at 8:30. There is a lot more I wanted to put into this blog, but I am exhausted. Maybe tomorrow I can write a transitional blog.

Goodnight, everyone.❤️

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