I hate spending…

….a third of my lunch break paying for it. I just brought leftovers from yesterday’s lunch.

Plus, I brought the Activia yogurt and some Hood River cherries (most people know them as Bing) which I am positive are from California and not Oregon. So, they won’t be as good, but I will still love them.

Still trying to keep us hydrated.

Ok, my phone is at 20%. That’s very odd. I guess I’m turning this off and finishing it later.

It’s later. It’s 3:46 pm. I clocked out at 3:34. Pain. Abdominal pain. I’m going to see if I can get a colposcopy spot earlier than 7/28. Something is not right. I’m terrified. They took out four polyps in March and I was having zero symptoms. Now, I’m having pain. What the fuck does THAT mean?

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