Sushi with coffee and 70’s television

Rose stopped at Publix on her way home from school and got us $5 sushi from Publix. More poof that Publix is evil.

This is going to be a quickie because I’ve decided to spend most of my day packing, rather than writing.

I just finished my sushi. It was the spicy salmon. Yum. I’m still drinking coffee. I can drink coffee with more coffee.

My attitude toward coffee reminds me of what Pat had told me about coffee consumption in Norway. Back in the mid-90’s (could have been later I know I was living in NE Portland on 69th) she and her husband and, I think, her folks went to Norway. They have distant family or, something, there. I was working in the Coffee Room at Powell’s Books and had been fully ensconced in the Portland coffee culture.

I recall her saying something like, “Talk about people who drink a lot of coffee. Every little thing is a celebration to have coffee.” She went on describe activities on the level of buying the groceries, watching a good TV show, making dinner, eating dinner, buying new shoes. Anything. I thought, at the time, ooh, sounds like my kind of place. I wonder if all of Scandinavia is like that (probably); Brian has Swedish relatives…So, I always think of that 3,000 mile away phone conversation whenever I consume combinations of coffee with food not normally eaten with it.

I was watching an episode of, “Emergency,” while I chowed and cracked up at the ridiculous uniforms the nurses had to wear.

Check out those dopey caps. Their feet were not shown, but I bet, if they had, they would have been clad in spike heels.

I swear, I don’t recall a nurse in the 70’s ever having to wear those stupid caps. Of course, I didn’t spend much time in hospitals. When I did it was in the ER and always in an osteopathic hospital (Sun Coast in Largo) and I think osteopaths tend to be ahead of the curve concerning medical trends. Maybe the ridiculous headgear was not part of the uniform.

Nevertheless, it’s a reflection on 70’s mindset about gender and sex differences. Why didn’t the doctors have to wear those stupid little hats? And, where the hell are the female doctors, or make nurses? Yeah, we had great music, but the good old days, they were not.

It’s time for filling boxes and…more coffee.

Haaaa! I almost forgot. The guy who played Lurch on, “The Addams Family,” was in this episode of, “Emergency.”

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