Nawlins was fun

The doors at Tibby’s in Winter Park.

I drank my first bar-created mixed drink in over a decade. I ain’t even kidding. Rose had alerted me via text that I got something from the IRS’s Philadelphia office-that would explain its tardiness. It took Pennsylvania six months to send me a copy of my birth certificate. I told a few PA records agents that the entire state lost the right to make fun of Mississippi. In reality, IRS refunds are from the US Treasury. She said it looked like a check. Whoohoo! Stimulus number two or 2019 tax refund? I didn’t care. I spent $8.50 on a Voodoo Magic. The description on the menu had me at, “amaretto,” and, “pineapple juice.” I think there was rum, orange and cranberry juice in it also. So, it was a breakfast libation. It was delicious and it stuffed up my sinuses, but it was worth it.

We also got chow. We each got a po’ boy sandwich. Mine was a crawfish (at Skipper’s we called them, “crawdads,” or just, “dads”). We opted for the half sandwich and a side combo. My side was fried sweet potatoes. I had no idea they came with brown sugar and cinnamon. Yum.

My friend and work buddy, who I will call, Bella, had the half shrimp po’ boy with fried green tomatoes. Yum, also.

Bella’s Bloody Mary that had a slight spicy kick. It was garnished with a green olive, a celery stalk, an okra stalk and a green bean.
I wanted to steal this lamp. I swear, but my car would have been in flames by the time I reached it. Instant Karma is a bigger bitch than her lilsister, Regular Karma.

It was great to get out and relax and have conversation and not wear a mask and just do something fun. I haven’t had fun in forever. Bella and I decided we need to do this every couple of weeks. Next time we are going to go to Fiddler’s Green, which is a Winter Park legend and is down the street from Rollins College (alma mater of Mr. Rogers). It happens to be at a pain in the ass intersection that involves train tracks and even when it’s a slow time the traffic sucks. The place is always packed. I’ve wanted to go there since I moved to the Orlando area in 2005. So, we opted for Tibby’s and I was not disappointed.

I love this thing.
All the walls were plastered in art. This is the first hallway to the potties.
The restrooms are well hidden. The first door leads to a hall which leads to this door.

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