Packing is going slowly

That’s ok. It will pick up steam. I just returned from Publix. I got a pre-made salad, tarragon chicken salad from the deli to add to it and an avocado.

I needed a knee brace. Publix doesn’t sell them. I had to go to Walgreens when I left Publix.

Here we go again.

There were plenty of choices in knee braces at Walgreens. I went with the simple sleeve kind.

Back in, probably, mid-2019 when I was still working at Walmart I got a Mueller brace that was adjustable with Velcro straps. I hated it. One of my work buddies with her own knee issue got the same brace and she hated too. I should have returned it, but never did. That thing pinched like hell.

I’m wearing the new one right now. I also got an ice bag. It’s kind of like one my parents had. I see the need for ice on my knee in my future.

I seriously hope I can postpone a knee replacement until late in the year. I still have to see what happens with the colonoscopy I have to have in June or July. Then, sometime in August my vulvar pre-cancerous cells will be re-evaluated. Surgery there isn’t entirely out of the question. And, then there is the D&C pain that has not entirely disappeared.

Plus, I really, really want desperately to move out of this abode I’m in. I’m juggling a lot so, packing isn’t happening at the pace I desire. It’s best not to push myself real hard, though. Too much moving around and packing will aggravate my knee more. I can tell it’s turning more bone on bone. Yay!

It’s getting late. I have eat my salad and get ready for bed. I work 8:30-3:30 tomorrow. I think that’s my whole schedule through Monday.

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