Pet portraits by Pat

My best friend since 1970, Patricia Noon, is the best non-famous artist I’ve ever met.

I’ve been in awe of her talent since the first drawing of hers I saw back in our Largo fourth grade classroom. I still remember that it was a bridled horse’s head, drawn on red felt-tip marker-that amazed me, that her medium was non-erasable. I even recall my first thought: this did not look anything like a child’s drawing.

We met at Oakhurst Elementary, in Largo, Florida. It might have been a touch of Divine Intervention because I was supposed to skip fourth and go from third to fifth.

That didn’t happen because my father had skipped two grades and, being a shy child, was tortured in a manner that only young school children can torture. I was shy (I know many of you won’t believe that) and my dad said, “No way.”

Thus, began a lifelong friendship with this extremely talented artist/hairstylist/farmer/USF Fine Arts grad/horsewoman/wife/animal lover.

Her love and respect for animals is evident in the amazing pet portraits she creates with prismacolor pencils.

She will draw a portrait of your beloved pet. Please contact her via her email address (see below). You will need to send a photograph of the pet you wish to be drawn. Work out the details with Pat.

She currently charges $200 for a 9×11 inch portrait.

Contact Patricia Noon at:

All images are copyrighted.

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