The happiest part of my body, Walmart and doctor, “prescribed,” hard cider

It was rough but, I made the trip from Jakarta quickly and safely. Lol

My Facebook post earlier today.

Got my left (fake) knee checked out. Yeah, I made it to my orthopedic surgeon’s after having to postpone my January appointment because all hell unleashed itself on my health: mental and physical. I knew my knee was fine.

Everything IS good there. Thank God for some happy health news. My right knee is going to have to be replaced-eventually. Right now, it’s only infrequently protesting.

When it’s due to be replaced I want Dr. H to do it cause he has a technique in which the thigh muscle doesn’t have to be cut. That mitigates a lot of pain. So, yes please, one serving of no muscle cutting.

My knee x-rays from this afternoon. Left knee is on the right; right knee is on the left.
My pretend knee,
My right knee.

From there we went to my ex-job: the Oviedo Walmart. Sharon needed to use money services. I needed a couple of things. For starters, the cheap Walmart brand paper shredder I bought less than six months ago has, seemingly, croaked. I wanted to upgrade.

The shredder choices at Walmart. The Pen and Gear brand is Walmart’s. I got the Fellows brand. This time I’m saving the receipt. Hopefully, it will end up being a tax deduction.
During my appointment with Dr. H we talked about beer. So, it’s his fault I put this in my cart.

For old time’s sake, I parked in the space I used when I worked at Walmart.

Toodles, for now. I’m headed to Key West and I have to pick someone up on the way. I was really hoping for Paris, though. Lol.

Yeah, I wish I was having a holiday.

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