My free sandwich

And, I don’t mean untethered. I’ll take all the free stuff I can get from work. God knows, every job gives us free grief.

I didn’t feel like having a panini. I was in the mood for a cold sandwich-it kind of mirrors my heart. Lol.

It’s my second day working since Little Throcky, my uterine polyp, was removed. I did start feeling tender where the full on pain used to be. I felt that way the whole night after work. I’m feeling tender right now.

One of my co-workers had a D&C a couple of months ago. She took four days off after it and she said she still felt tender. I just took one recovery day off. I probably should have requested Friday off but, hey, I ain’t rich.

Wow. I have eight minutes till I need to return to work-till my lunch ends. Yeah, I miss hour long lunches.

UPDATE 2:57 pm: About those hour long lunches-I just enjoy being able to sit and relax. With a half hour to buy food and wait in the ridiculously long line to pay for it, takes up almost half my lunch break.

Then, I don’t even feel like eating it all because I don’t want to shovel food into my mouth.

Maybe this is correlated to maturation. I know, at this stage of my life, I am worthy of having a comfortable mealtime.

Yes, I appreciate the change in employers. No, I don’t enjoy my immediate supervisor. From what I hear, I’m so not alone. This is probably related to maturation also. I’m sick of working for petty, micromanagers who are that way because they are too dim to realized just how fragile their self esteem is.

Here’s the interesting thing about those petty managers, at least in my experience, the top manager usually is the nice one. It’s the lower level managers who are ridiculous. It could be the top managers can afford to be nice because they have their subordinate managers to be the bad guys.

Who would have thought, back in the 1980’s, while earning my psych BA, I would, in later years, be interested in Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychology?


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