Random stuff

I just finished my shower.

I have to do a load of laundry because I have no clean work shirts. And, I have to wash CPAP parts. Oh yay!

I am still tender from my D&C on Wednesday. I just lathered my sore abdomen with Vicks Vapo Rub. I’m amazed at how much that helps.

I was watching, “Mannix,” on the Decades channel. It runs marathons of old TV shows on the weekends. Gawd, 70’s TV-especially the dramas-were so hokey. But, it’s fun to laugh at those old shows.

I have a vibe about a financial miracle coming. I hope I didn’t just jinx it. Plus, I DID take my bi-polar meds-I always do so, I ain’t in a manic phase. I don’t need to relive how I f**cked up my life in 2007. Apparently, Lamictal wasn’t working so well.

I’m going to start dinner. I’m having the rest of my lunch sandwich but, I’m grilling it and, I’m making a salad.

I’m tired but, I got a little more sleep last night than I have been getting.

I’m going to be posting a blog about my friend, Pat’s, pet portraits. She does them on commission. I will give you all the details. She’s so unbelievably talented it’s almost scary but, I doubt she’s an alien. Lol.

Here’s just a sample of her work

Eh, I didn’t edit out the extraneous screen shot stuff, sorry.

It’s May. It’s Florida. It’s &&);@“;:/)&$;:/?!@&) hot.

I work 8:40-3:30 Sunday and Monday. I’m glad I’m getting paychecks but, I wish they were from writing.

I’ll be working harder on that as my health situation stabilizes.

See ya. Have a Good Saturday.

I am wishing all the moms (of animals or humans) Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow.

9:03 pm UPDATE: too tired to make a salad. I like so much variety in my salads it takes longer to make them than eat them. I’m having my latest soup addiction. My surgery owie needs something warm.

Omg! This soup is amazing.

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