Free sandwich tomorrow

Whoohoo. It will be sandwich number seven.

My lunch receipt.

I got the Turkey, bacon, cheddar on ciabatta again. It’s really good. And, our deli/bakery manager is having his birthday. So, there’s cake.

UPDATE: 2:10 pm. I’m getting a fifteen minute break? Omg! When I expressed mock surprise, my head cashier said, “Go, before I change my mind,” She’s such a smarty pants.

I am seriously tired though. I can’t seem to break the staying up till 2 am habit and, I hate it.

All my shifts this week begin at 8:30 am. So, I really want to get to bed early. I want a whole life of staying up no later than 11:30 pm.

In the other side of that, I want to sleep no later than 9 am get in a workout a quick shower and write all day. I want that so bad.

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