An amusing start to my day

First breakfast.

I thought I did it again…what I did on Tuesday….I thought I finally woke up at 7:35 am. I swore it was 7:39 when I finally stumbled downstairs to start coffee. Gotta get that going while I am getting dressed.

With the water flowing through my coffee grounds, making the brown elixir that would keep me from hurting someone, I ran back upstairs and stumbled into the bathroom to start my abbreviated preparation for work.

Once into bathroom I rushed through my routine: washed face and armpits, rubbed pits with anti-perspirant, put in concealer and powder and mascara.

Back in my room I put on jewelry and work clothes, socks-shoes were already downstairs.

I grabbed my backpack, left my CPAP machine in tact to deal with this afternoon and ran down to the kitchen. I have a spare toothbrush and paste in the half bathroom for times like these. I can brush and dash.

I did start to brush my teeth knowing they’d get dirty again as I ate yet another abbreviated breakfast of energy bars while speeding to work.

It was while I was screwing the cap onto my thermos of coffee that I made the discovery.

I was looking at the minutes on the stove clock: 58 minutes past the hour. Crap I have two minutes to be out the door.

Then I backed up my focus: 7:00. What? When did the stove clock lose an hour? I consulted my phone, knowing it would be more accurate.

Note the itty bitty numbers at the top that read 7:07 AM

I Hmm, I have about FIFTY MINUTES before I have to leave????

I’m sitting downstairs trying to calm myself, convince myself that, indeed, I was wrong, that I panicked and that it was 6:39 when I dashed downstairs.

Now, I’m doing my hobbit impression. I’m having second breakfast. Then I’m going upstairs to properly brush my teeth.

Second breakfast.

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