Publix wasn’t so evil

I paid Tara a good chunk of car payments. It felt good to let go of that debt a little. She’s been amazing.

Once I got to Publix I had a little accident in the Produce department. A plastic box of organic blueberries slipped from my grasp and hit the bottom of the cart and popped open. Luckily, not too many got onto the floor and a Produce associate was nearby so, he picked the berries off the floor. Funny thing: as a grocery store cashier I am familiar with the fact that, for some reason, the boxes of blueberries suck more than any other berry boxes. It was like that at Walmart, Sprouts and even at Publix, apparently. I told this story to the Produce guy and he agreed.

I did my shopping and there was only one evil thing that leapt into my cart. It is pictured below.

I was mesmerized by the words, “double chocolate.” After that, the next ingredient could have been cow patty chips and I would have still allowed the box to leap into my cart.

I thought I might get trapped by the Tillamook cheese but, I remained strong and finally diverted my gaze toward my task: to hunt the elusive onion rings.

I found them thanks to a friendly fellow Publix shopper. I got the Nathan’s brand. They are made from whole onion slices. I hate those pathetic excuse of onion, “rings,” made from chopped onions. They suck.

I bought my stuff that actually fit into one reusable Trader Joe’s bag. I carried the gallon bottle of spring water and rolled over to the lottery counter and got my tickets checked. Whoohoo, I won 10 bucks on Mega Millions Tuesday night. I still have to check what numbers I matched.

Time to have shrimp po’ boys.

TYYL, maybe 🤔

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