At Winnie Palmer

Ugh, I’m awake-barely. The only thing good about driving at this time of day is the dearth of fellow drivers.

On our way to the hospital. Rose operating the vehicle. This is on 17-92 headed south in Casselberry.

I just got registered up on the fourth floor. This is the floor where Little Throcky will meet his demise and, I can’t wait.

The medication cocktail in my stomach is making me nauseous, combined with the stress it’s all giving me heartburn.

I had to bring my CPAP machine in case I get the general anesthesia. I hope I’m getting an epidural, like I got with my knee surgery.

There are 13 of us waiting in this small area. I’m assuming about 50% of us are drivers/seeing eye people. Rose and I need coffee infusions.

The lady checking everyone in, Jodi (not her actual name), was super nice and very cheerful. I can only imagine how early she had to get up.

When I get called Rose gets to come sit with me until I get called to the actual procedure. Then I have to relinquish all my belongings, including my phone. Whaaa!

Outside of the hospital.

I just got called. Later.

I’m wearing the stunning lavender gown. Oh boy.

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