Surgery happens tomorrow

I have to be at the hospital by 5:15 am. I have to take a pill at 3:30 am.

View of Winnie PalmerHospital in downtown Orlando. Photo shot through the shuttle bus window when we returned from my pre-op that was in another building on the hospital campus.

Here I am still up and trying to unwind after almost ten hours of work in Sprouts today. We were short handed and despite the fact that I was in agony all day long and had to go to the pharmacy for the pill I’m taking later, I stayed till 6:15 pm. I was supposed to get done at 4:30 pm.

I’m really hurting right now. Tylenol does nothing, nada, zip, zilch and zero to quell my pain. I might as well eat a hunk of chocolate because it would lessen my pain just as much. It might even be argued that it helps decrease my pain by releasing endorphins I get from joyfully eating chocolate.

Well, I just wanted to write this little blurb. If I write too much I’ll bet a buzz and be up all night.

I will try to write some tomorrow after Little Throcky gets removed. The obnoxious bastard polyp.

It’s sad that this info has to be spelled out for some people.

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