My first official tardy

I didn’t wake up till 7:33 am. That’s only because of my roommate, Rose. She knocked on my door, “It’s 7:30.”

Fuck, I was supposed to leave at 8. I left at around 8:05. I did manage to make coffee. I ate energy bars as breakfast in the car.

They didn’t give me energy. I’m exhausted and feel sick because of it.

I’m on lunch. Turkey, Muenster, spinach and dun dried tomato on ciabatta. It’s vey thick so it did grill all the way. I only have about ten minutes left. I think I’m taking the rest of it home.


Work is sucking today. I was 15 minutes late. I couldn’t call cause my phone decided to away into the crevice between the passenger seat and the door.

Someone quit. So, it’s me and the head cashier, who is having her own medical issues and is headed to the ER as soon as her shit ends at 3 pm.

My schedule was 11:30. Because someone got pissed and just quit, my shift was changed to 8:30-4:30.

Oh yay! I’m in pain.

But, I hope y’all are Gavin’ a good day.

1:34 pm UPDATE:

They asked me if I could stay to 7 pm. Haaaa. I said that I feel like my uterus is going to fall out so, “No.” I’m giving them an extra hour.

4:10 pm UPDATE: I gave them another half hour. I’m staying till 6 pm. Someone else called out and it was Tiffany (not her real name) who asked me to stay so that she could have her meal break. Since she’s the one who got me hired and I love her, I said I’d stay. But, OMG! I am going to give birth to my own uterus. I swear. She sent me on a 15 cause she knows about my pending birth situation.

These are the most evil cookies I’ve ever tasted.

6:29 pm. UPDATE: I clocked out at 6:15, gathered my stuff, the the roomie to coordinate dinner and plan my surgery preparation strategy. I have to stop at Walgreens and get my pill that I need to take at 3:30 am. So much fir trying to get to bed by 7 or 8. I will be so wound up from getting a forced second wind that I probably won’t be tired until 11.

Well, gotta go. Toodles.❤️❤️❤️❤️

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