It’s done-I’m in recovery

I’m still a little stoned. I had to pee and i was hungry. They gave me saltines and cranberry juice.

No pizza. Dern.

My typing might suck. Sorry.

I can take ibuprofen. Oh praise the Goddesses!

My view from the bed in recovery.

9:30 am UPDATE: I’m waiting for Rose to pull her car up to the lobby entrance/exit but, first I they are getting me a wheelchair. Someone is taking me downstairs. That’s always the case when anyone has surgery. It probably add a couple hundred bucks to the bill, too.

I’m having a little cramping. But, it does not feel like Little Throcky is the cause. Thank God.

I’m hungry. I want pancakes. I want coffee.

On a humorous note: I already got a spoof call-at about 9:03. I bet myself it would not be a working number. Yep, I was right.

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