Two pre-ops on the same day are two too many

NOTE: This is one that I didn’t finish but, I’m posting it anyway. I sort of want to see where (in what order WordPress puts it). I will probably come clean it up later.

Dear GAWD, I’m soooo );&$@(;:/@$) exhausted and so bloody sick of being exhausted. I got, maybe, three hours of sleep last night.

We’re at IHOP cause if I tried to cook or use a sharp kitchen knife I would set the apartment on fire or I would accidentally cut off a finger or toe or drop the knife so it stabs my foot. No, really.

I worked until 9 pm last night. Late shifts always make me wired and hungry. It takes me a long time to unwind. I’m a pretty tightly wound person anyway. Working late always screws up my hours.

My friend, Pat, is always on me to get more sleep. She’s right. I so pray to have the financial freedom to set up my own schedule and work for myself!!

But, hey, this is about being exhausted and having to go to two pre-ops. Wednesday is my surgery day. My uterus is getting some Spring cleaning. Little Throcky will be coming out.

For those of you who haven’t kept up with my blogs, Little Throcky is my uterine polyp. I named him because my OBGYN said that my obnoxious pain is from my girlie parts trying to evict him. I decided to give him a name since my body thinks he’s a baby. His name is short for, Throckmorton. It’s an ancient name, probably from the 1920’s that my first psychology professor used whenever he had to tell us a story to demonstrate psychological principles. He was hilarious. He’s probably in the Great Professor Lecture Hall in the Sky. I’m pretty sure cause he was old enough to have known some actual Throckmortons when he taught my class in 1980.

I ended up getting into bed around 4 am and attempted to get up at 6 am. Yeah, right. I wanted to leave at 8 am; my appointment (first pre-op) was at 9 am at Winnie Palmer (golfer Arnold’s wife) Hospital, south of downtown Orlando.

As a side note, downtown Orlando is kind of pretty. Lots of leafy trees and Lake Eola with its swans and fountain really make it picturesque. I’ve been wanting to go there with my camera and take some shots. I got a lot of Portland shots doing that. I love the energy of city centers.

Getting up at 6 am was a bust. I rolled off my mattress at 7:20 am. Rose had made us java. I filled my thermos and grabbed a chocolate (go figure) energy bar and some teriyaki beef jerky. Rose came along cause she’s going to be my taxi driver Wednesday.

It’s a pretty straight forward drive with just a couple of tricky spots in the downtown area-right around the courthouse. If you saw any of the Casey Anthony circus, I mean, trial, you’ve seen the Orange County Courthouse. It’s actually kind of pretty.

We left around 8:15 am and traffic was rather hideous through Maitland and Winter Park but, I got there on time-kind of. I’d called, using speaker, and told them I was running late. No problem.

That’s until I got to the hospital, got my car valeted because I was too exhausted to even think about navigating the huge parking garage. That was give bucks and, worth four times that much.

I got checked in and was directed to Triage which, thankfully, was fifty feet away on the ground floor. When I got to my turn with the lady sending women (women’s hospital) this way and that way, she got a puzzled look on her face. Great! It’s that pain in the tookus scheduler for my OBGYN. Do I have to lose it here too? I had a fun experience with my colonoscopy on 3/16-I wrote some blogs on it.

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