Grilled turkey and cheddar on ciabatta for lunch

It’s my first hot sandwich from the Sprouts deli. It looks good. First bite. It is good.

I’m really missing my hour long lunches. It’s 3:03; I have 11 minutes left.

Today hasn’t been as nuts as Monday was. I had three days off. Today is first of three consecutive work days. Then I go into surgery mode. I can’t wait to get this polyp out of me.

It’s been entertaining with all the sexy guy legs. I’m such a dirty old lady. But, at least, I learned that a few of my fellow girl cashiers like to gawk too.

It’s 7:10 pm. I’m giving a co-worker a ride home. She’s shopping. I need to also. I was waiting to hear from Rose. However, I think I just decided what’s for dinner.

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