I really wanted to finish the blog I started

I’m so exhausted. I doubt I’ve had a good night sleep since mid-December, when Cammie died. I started a blog when I was waiting for Dr. Lauridsen but, I am so exhausted.

I suppose I can give you the quickie results of my blood tests. Everything was excellent. Bad cholesterol: low; Good cholesterol: high; kidney and liver functions: fantastic. my blood pressure was good, too.

The only thing she was slightly concerned about was my thyroid function. She said the hormone levels are kind of indicative of my thyroid, “wanting to slow down.” I told her that I’ve been in this position before. She wants to recheck everything in six months.

After the doctor appointment we went to Target. There were a couple of things I needed that can only get there. We were there longer than I wanted to be. We got a few groceries and I had to get a beef jerky snack and some almonds because I started getting shaky.

I also asked her about when I should get another sleep study to make sure I’m still at the correct air pressure. “Every ten years is the standard, unless there is some drastic change like losing or gaining a lot of weight,” she said. That was a relief. I have enough medical procedures on my plate. I told her that I’ve reached the point that I can’t sleep without it. I still want that chip thingee with the remote control (see previous blog).

This is the best news I’ve heard all year. Really!

Next on the agenda was our usual Publix where I got my very stale $4 winning Powerball ticket checked. I learned it became a dud on July 22, 2020. Oh well. Walgreens was up next. I’m not out of meds yet but, I work the next three days and I know I won’t want to stop at the pharmacy or I will forget. I just hate running around on errands. I’ve become such a homebody. I even want to work from home. I know I’ve expressed that before.

I’m trying so hard to write when I can but, there are so many other hoops I’m jumping through right now. And, I’m still waiting on money to start repaying some debts.

I work 11-7 tomorrow. Oh the unfettered joy. Yeah, I know. I AM lucky to have a job. I seriously know that. I am grateful.

I am going up to take a shower and go to bed early.

But first, milk and a brownie.

New artwork. Painting done by Dr. Lauridsen’s mom. She told me that, just like my parents, her mom was an artist and her dad was an accountant.

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