It’s a multitasking kind of night

Rose and I couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner. I’m actually not famished. We’re having separate meals. Most of the time, when we each have off on the same days, we plan to share dinner.

“Major Crimes,” is keeping us company.

While trying to decide on food, I began doing a multitude of things. I started a little shredding party. I love feeding that little machine. I figured that while I was hunting for those Navient (student loan) forms to fill out, I might as well shred some paperwork I don’t need. I even found some paperwork from my first visit to my orthopedic surgeon from March of 2019. That’s pretty sad.

It’s 10:12 pm. President Biden just finished his speech. Good Lord, it’s such a relief to listen to a leader who can speak whole sentences and who tries to bring people together.

I do, however, want to point out that for the first time in American history, the two humans seated behind the President, are women. Vice President Kamala Harris and House Majority Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

But, I’m not going to get on a political rant right now. This blog is intended to be a lot less serious.

It’s been a day and evening full of random tasks I need to get done. I began filling out student loan paperwork. I paid a medical bill: $156.52 for just the endoscopy part of the colonoscopy procedure. I think what I owe for the colonoscopy procedure itself is $193.

I wrote a check. I do that every so often to refresh my memory.

I shredded a lot of dead paperwork. It always feels freeing to de-clutter, whether it’s nic nacs or piles of paper. I love feeding stale electric bills and, such, into that machine. It makes me smile.

I did a second load of laundry: bed sheets. My maroon ones that were supposed to be purple. Purple, my tookus. Oh well, it’s one of the cheap things I don’t feel guilty buying from Walmart. I’m pretty sure the sheets I got there were made in the USA. So much of what Walmart sells is cheap crap made in China.

I also washed dishes and my CPAP machine parts. I really want to get that computer chip that gets embedded somewhere, the chest area, I think, and each time you go to bed you get to zap yourself with a remote control to turn it on. When you stop breathing (an apnea) while sleeping, the chip jolts you into breathing mode. It seems so sci-fi-ish. I love it. Of course, I suppose if I had that thing put inside me AND had a cat, I would have to make sure I had a drawer in the nightstand where I could stash the remote control. Otherwise, kitty might smack it onto the floor and inadvertently hit the off button. Of course, the anti-cat people would think that was all part of the Evil Feline Plan To Dominate the World. People forget that if it weren’t for cats it would have taken longer to prove Earth wasn’t flat. We all know if it was flat cats would have pushed everything off the edge. I stole that from a meme. But, it’s an accurate meme.

The second load is in the dryer. I actually already folded some kitchen napkins and towels from the first load. I should be proud. I LOATHE the last phase of doing laundry: the hanging up and folding and putting away. That’s partially due to the fact that at the beginning of my decent into the financial sewer in 2007, I lost my dresser, which was a really cool, heavy, solid wood, with cherry veneer piece from my parents’ bedroom set. I loved it. It was from the 1950’s. Now, putting clothing away is a chore.

One of the things I miss about living alone is being able to use the dryer as my auxiliary closet.

I had the dresser then; I was just being lazy or, forgetful. I forget which.

What evening of multitasking is complete without brownies?

Rose, my roomie and, reason I don’t use the dryer as my auxiliary closet, made Ghirardelli walnut brownies. She added extra chocolate chips. Because she’s evil.

2 thoughts on “It’s a multitasking kind of night

  1. the only thing i do for laundry aside from doing it is I hang up my shirts in my closet rather than fold. i do kind of fold the few pants I have and put them in the dresser but for the most part everything stays in the clean hamper until I use it all then the dirty pile goes to the laundry room when I get around to taking it.

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