Spoof call season

I used to work at this cafe in Daytona. It just occurred to me how appropriate it’s name is to this subject.

This blog isn’t intended to give my spoofer attention. It’s a warning and possible explanation to other people who may be going through this. I know I’m not alone. Watch for patterns in your calls. Some creeps who do this are dangerous. My spoofer does not seem to fall into that category. Of course, I’m not sure what he would do if he discovered I was seriously involved with someone.


I’m sitting in my livingroom going through my phone trying to figure out all the weird number calls I’ve been getting. I don’t want to lose the unfamiliar numbers I might actually need.

A few are legitimate: Navient (student loan), OBGYN’s procedure scheduler (Noemi, who has a direct private line) or, Orlando Health (caller ID does not indicate that) calling to get my views on my recent doctor visit. These callers usually do leave messages and I am trying to save them.

A couple calls were telemarketers, who are supposed to, by law I believe, leave a message. I block these numbers.

The vast majority of them are fakes. They are numbers that are non-working-disconnected or, they are actual numbers that belong to private real people. Out of sheer curiosity and exasperation, I’ve called them. Often the phone rings about ten times until I get the familiar default greeting that many people use instructing the caller to leave a message-I have that greeting myself. I just got a call back from a lady saying she got a couple of calls from my number and got curious herself. I explained that it was probably me actually calling. I told her what was happening to me. She sounded sympathetic. I apologized and we disconnected. I’ve received at least five or six of those seemingly private number calls in less than a week.No one gets that many mis-dials in a short amount of time.

Non-working number. One of many.

I decided to call most of them back so I can understand what’s going on because I have a guy I’ve known since 2003 who has a long history of calling me with spoof numbers. Only thing is, I don’t know how he could have gotten my current number.

Last Spring I had my old Android phone hacked, my Facebook profile hacked at least three times. I know he’s responsible but, I cannot prove it. He works in a profession that surrounds him with nerds, one of whom might be unscrupulous.

The calls come, “from,” all over: Florida, including a golf resort near Stuart and one from Windermere, where Tiger Woods used to live (is my spoofer a golfer?), Arizona, Michigan, New Jersey and Illinois, just to name a few. I think it was last week when I got a call from Honolulu and one from Winter Park that was associated with someone who lived in Irvington, New Jersey. My theory is that someone in NJ is paying the bill for the person in Florida.

I think this one does the series of rapid beeps, I googled that. It can mean the system is having trouble connecting. But, EVERYTIME it’s called?

During the hacking period my spoof call frequency mushroomed . Worse than this current round, which began right near St. Patrick’s day.

Last June I got my current phone, which is my first iPhone. Because of a couple mistakes I made, such as texting my new number (from my old phone) to friends, my spoofer got the number. At that point, I was unaware of how deep his invasion was. When a couple of my very close friends (spoofer would know their names) started getting their own batch of spoof calls, I knew he’d molested my old phone. I’m not sure how he did it but, I know it was him. The calls had the years-long pattern of mushrooming around his May birthday-and I mean I was getting, like, ten or more of these bogus calls per day. I ended up changing my phone number three times the first week I had the new phone.

I’m not sure it’s this same dude. I’m not learned in how to get someone’s number-pretty sure there are ways. This is why I google myself every once in awhile. So far, most of that information is multiple years stale. The last time I did google myself the number listed was from the early 2000’s when I lived in Daytona. I believe the address was incorrect also.

This reminds me of the series of blogs I want to write on cyber stalking, spoofing and hacking. I’ve wanted to do this since last spring. Hopefully, I will reach a maintenance phase with my health issues that enables me to break free of the emotional aspect. Because, right now, those issues are paramount in my life. There are too many appointments and procedures and other hoops I’m jumping through. It all leaves me drained. I’m so unused to dealing with this many medical professionals. I don’t like needing to.

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