Well, THAT was a boo boo

I have too many medical appointment balls in the air!

I’m sitting in the waiting room of Dr. Bernal’s office writing this because my appointment was changed to next week and I was a ditz and didn’t block it from either my appointment book or my mind.

The waiting room at Dr. Bernal’s.

I do recall thinking, isn’t this pre-op for my D&C on 5/5 just a hair too early? Yep, I should always go with my gut. However, I think it’s rude to make appointments and then be a no show; it’s PROFOUNDLY rude to do it to medical professionals. Someone else who really needs to get in to the doc could use that space was wasted. I’m sure doctors, counselors, attorneys all feel annoyed by no show/ no calls.

My real appointment with Dr. Bernal is 4/29.

I had to wait behind another patient to check in for my non-appointment. The TV is mounted on the wall next to the desk. The Food Network was showing one of its endless number of chef contests. How evil of them to parade delicious looking food two feet from my face.

The two chefs (both women-whoohoo) were cooking a lobster dish. Twice the evilness. One of the chefs was Indian and cooking an Indian lobster dish. A triple threat of evilness perpetuated against my tastebuds and appetite.

This shot is from the second show came on. Still more yummy food.

Being exposed to delicious food was only one of my accomplishments while waiting. I also spied the doctor bio card of the obstetrician across the hall. She’s Arabic. Oh yay! Remind me of MORE delicious food. Then I saw that she earned her BS in biomedical sciences at USF. Cool, my alma mater. A reminder to think about moving back to Tampa? Hmm.

Anyway, my appointment with Dr. Lauridsen was still on the books for tomorrow. I know I rescheduled that. This is where doctors belonging to a medical group is helpful. The receptionist here told me I was still scheduled with Dr. Lauridsen (my primary, BTW) for tomorrow. Good thing both docs are part of Orlando Physician Associates, or I would have been a no call/no show.

I borrowed waiting room space to call Lauridsen’s office, cancel tomorrow, double check for next week and, make sure they sent my blood work orders to Quest Diagnostics. Then I made that blood test appointment.

Good thing it ain’t busy right now.

By the way, the Indian chef won but, by three points. Hey, it was lobster, must have been a tough decision.

Off to Publix. Speaking of food and evil.

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