Gastroenterologist: not quite happy news

I have to have another colonoscopy in three months. The scheduler will be calling me in two months to set that up.

I now have been treated by four doctors or physical therapists in this medical office complex in Oviedo. It’s kind of humorous.

I was initially correct. The doctor did remove four polyps, not just two, as the printed report seemed to indicate. They were large polyps.

The polyp report

“Ok, how do I ask this? Hmm, is there a correlation between size of polyps and incidence of cancer?” I asked Dr. Giday’s ARNP. “Yes.” I knew he would say that.

“That’s why he wants to do another colonoscopy in three months. If you are ok then, the next colonoscopy can probably wait for a year.”

“But, it’s nothing to really get worried about yet? Do, I have to change my diet or anything?” “No, it’s not even pre-cancer, there’s no dysplasia yet.”

Yeah, well, too late. I AM a little worried. I’m just not accustomed to not being exceptionally healthy. I don’t like this. I know I am very lucky. My situation could be so much worse. I just have to try and not get anxious.

My gastroenterologist works within a group called, Center for Digestive Health. I think about five doctors work in that group and there are four offices. I wish medical hierarchies were more transparent and less confusing. Some doctors work in groups like, Orlando Health Associates. These doctors, I believe work for and are employees of the group. Some doctors, such as my dermatologist and my orthopedist have their own practices. This, once upon a time, used to be the norm. I think. From the point of view of the physician, I can see the pros and cons of each arrangement.

I can imagine that the paperwork and accounting for the doctors with their own practices would be a nightmare-either way it’s probably a nightmare-but, the private practices, I’m sure, have to have their own accounting departments. That can’t possibly be cheap.

By the way, here’s an interesting statistic: the average IQ’s of accountants are greater than those of doctors. In fact, in the IQ department, accountants beat out attorneys and engineers also; they are at the top of the heap. My theory is that in tests of creativity, accountants would score lower than the other three. I could be wrong but, I think there are more opportunities for problem solving (the psychological definition of creativity) in engineering, doctoring and lawyering. My hierarchical guess would be this order, highest to lowest: engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants.

I’m always thinking up psychological research projects. Lol.

I guess, I just need to pray and stay hopeful and keep a positive attitude. At least, it wasn’t horrible news and, thank God I received the second dose of COVID vaccine-the Pfizer. That is a relief. I will be fully vaccinated by 4/29.

My doctor appointments are not done for the day, however. I have one with Dr, Bernal, the regular garden variety gynecologist, rather than the oncological gynecologist. I have to leave in about 15 minutes.

Headed here very soon.

Her office is right across the street from my usual Publix where I need to go to get some antihistamines. I hope it doesn’t result in another Publix is Evil blog. I have bills and people to pay; I can’t really afford that.

I wish H&R Block would send me an update.

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