This is ridiculous

Yesterday, I wrote about my scheduling snafu with my OBGYN. I went to an appointment I’d forgotten was changed to 4/29. It was MY mistake. I admitted it in the blog I wrote.

Today, I woke up to find a voice message, from one of her assistants, informing me that that appointment needed to be moved.

Record of the call I got. Her office closes before noon on Fridays. Wow, thanks for giving me enough time to return the call. I guess she think everyone lives with a cell phone attached to her ear.

The caller left no suggestions as to what times might be good.

I started seeing this doctor in February or March and scheduling had been a nightmare ever since. I think she comes from a rich family. I guess it’s the spike heels she wears for her job.

I’m trying not to be judgmental but, please, you are a woman physician treating women’s health issues and you wear symbols of male dominance over women? At work?

Ok, I’m off my soapbox, sort of. It’s not that I don’t like spike heeled shoes, for certain occasions..,blah, blah. I guess I’m only mentioning this because this doctor is starting to supremely piss me off.

The first time was the dismissive voice message about my uterine pain and that,”…she doesn’t prescribe pain medication. She said that if it was bad enough, I should go to the ER.” I was pissed but, later cut her slack for the lack of context inherent in voice messages and, especially, in text messages.

Then came all the scheduling craziness and dealing with the procedure scheduler who was a think out-louder. She had to call multiple times to move appointments.

Now, this shit. I WAS JUST THERE YESTERDAY. WHAT, is there a wine expo going on that the doctor just found out about this morning? What the fuck?

Does she think I have an infinite number of days I CAN AFFORD TO HAVE OFF AND I CAN RESCHEDULE AT HER WHIM?

Here’s the other thing. This appointment is a pre-op for the D&C I’m having on 5/5. THAT surgery was originally scheduled fir 4/29. I had to move my orthopedic appointment-the one I had to postpone since JANUARY 8th because of personal issues and all the health issues that suddenly got dumped on me. Like I said before, the knee was the happiest part of my body, I could afford a little slack time on that.

But, I was also pissed because I really wanted to tease my orthopedic surgeon about NOT serving up nachos and margaritas on Cinco de Mayo. And, he’s a chef, he’d have no excuse, except maybe for the little problem of not having a liquor license.

Dern, those governmental regulations.

Despite my humor, I’m pissed. There are five days between when my pre-op was supposed to happen and the day of the surgery. Two of those days are a Saturday and Sunday. I work 11-7 on that Friday. I do have off on Monday the 3rd. I know this despite no work schedule posting because I know the time off I requested that day for the pre-op at the hospital (Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Children) was approved. Since that schedule is not posted, the following day, which is the day before the surgery, I may have to work.

Basically, this pretty means that I have ONE DAY available for the pre-op: that Monday the 3rd.

I feel like telling my OBGYN, “Lady, if it’s not possible to effectively do real estate part time, why do you think it’s possible to practice medicine part time?”

Our next door neighbor’s young children are outside screaming not happy screams. I know exactly how they feel.

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