The number you have reached is not in service

It must be spoof call season again. This is the second of at least two, that I know of, in about three days.

Hawaii, my tookus.

I saw the location the call came, “from,” and knew it had to be fake. I dialed it and immediately the recording informed me, “The number you have dialed is not in service.” Really? Someone just called me from this number ten minutes ago.

Oh lucky me. I have two suspects. I’m a vortex for weird.

In other news: I’m on lunch at work. My break ends at 12:05 pm. I get off at three.

It was a blast driving here today. Not! I was slightly more than halfway here, in Casselberry, on Semoran (SR 436), when the rain let loose with a fury. The 50 mph speed limit dropped to an actual 35 mph. It was almost a complete white out from the walls of rain falling. I had to call work and warn them I might be late.

Luckily, we get a seven minute window and I clocked in at 8:35. So, I was not late.

Now, our front end boss is here. Ugh. She usually works closing shifts. I’m not a fan. I mentioned her in my, “Bait and Switch,” blog from a month or, so ago.

Well, I’ve reached the cookie portion of my break.


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