Bastard is G U I L T Y

Damn right he is!!!!!!

On all three charges.

Thank you, God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m crying!

Let us not forget this is GEORGE FLOYD, the human being who was murdered by someone whose job it was to serve and protect.

Faces up to 40 years. Not enough time behind bars.

An Orlando local, John Henry, from the Paramore neighborhood, which is predominantly African-American, is being interviewed on WKMG about the verdict. He said he was married to a cop for 19 years. “You’ve got to stop treating people different because of their color.”

It’s waaay overdue that that happen. I so hope this is just the beginning. This better send a message to each law enforcement agency everywhere-even in foreign countries.

Paramore resident, John Henry, being interviewed by reporter from WKMG

Statement from the ChIef of the Orlando PD. Shots are from WKMG, Channel 6, CBS Orlando affiliate.

Arial shots of Minneapolis outside of the courthouse. Shots taken from WKMG Channel 6, Orlando.

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