Publix is evil #213: condensed version

Yes, Publix is still evil.

I arrived at my usual store, number 62, at the Winter Springs Town Center. I was really super dizzy. Although, I had a dizzy spell after receiving my first vaccine dose on 3/25, I was still pretty convinced it was mostly hypoglycemia.

It was hard to tell last time because I had the first shot during my work shift. Management allowed me to leave, get my shot and, return to work. I didn’t really have time to eat before returning to work.

Today, I am off; I requested the day off immediately after making my second dose appointment. Anecdotal news, WHICH IS NOT EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE, has reported that some people have more severe symptoms, even feeling as if they have the flu. I figured it would be best to just take it off.

I had tarragon chicken salad from the Publix deli in our fridge, thanks to, Rose. Chicken salad on a croissant is, I swear, almost as good as a rare steak. Almost.

The first thing I did was go to the lottery window to get my lottery tickets. Whoohoo, I heard the winning ticket sound. When a ticket is a winner, under $500, the lottery machines make a congratulatory horn sound. It’s cute and, I’m sure, helps sell tickets. Personally, I’d prefer if it played the opening chords of Pink Floyd’s song, “Money.” That would be hilarious.

One of the greatest albums of the 1970’s.

I buzzed over to the bakery and snatched up some yummy looking everything croissants.


The Case of Evilness beckoned. The bakery manager was there and asked, “Can I help you with anything?” I responded, “Yes, you can keep me away from anything chocolate.” She just laughed. I think it was an evil, mocking laugh. She knows the power a Publix bakery holds over its customers!!

I reached for a package of two cheesecake slices. Hey, I’m celebrating getting my second COVID-19 vaccine. Stay away nasty illness! I chose the slices topped with nuts and a chocolate-caramel sauce. Then I ran away before anything else jumped into my arms.

On the way to the checkout, I spied bananas. I ripped two off a bigger bunch. Cheerios without berries or nanners is a snooze fest.

I went to the customer service cash register and plunked my three items down when my turn came. The cashier and I greeted each other. Then I asked, “May I have paper please?” “Of course.” “And, I have a complaint.” She said, “Oh?”sounding concerned, “Yeah, the bakery lady did not stop me from buying this cheesecake.” She just laughed.

Yes, the Publix bakery is evil.

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