Done with work

It almost frightening how quickly I can plow through a grocery store. Did my shopping in under 12 minutes. About $50 worth. Of course, I get a discount.

I finally have the money to get my car’s oil changed tomorrow. I’m taking my it to Andrew’s house around ten. I still have to get the air filter. I think I’m just going to get it at an auto parts store. Looking for one at Walmart gave me a headache and attention deficit disorder (ADD). I swear. Too much stimuli.

I’m still parked in my car at Sprouts but, I’m about ready to leave. I have Saturday and Sunday off but, I’m going to have a busy couple of days. Plus, I want to write.

I think I decided to buy a slide scanner rather than send my slides out to have them put on a flash drive. Kodak has one the does slides and negatives and I think it makes copies of prints, too. A new one was about $200. Amazon advertised a used one for $139. And, it was clearly marked as returnable. I have so many slides, I think it’s cheaper than sending them to a company to do them.

I checked out Legacybox and their prices were ridiculous: $500-600 for whatever fits inside the box they send you. It does include postage but, still, that’s expensive. Not all my slide would fit inside one of their boxes.

It’s 9:41 pm. I’m outta here.

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