Fully vaccinated-by 4/29/2021

It’s 2:01 pm in Florida. I’m sitting on a folding chair inside what used to be the Sears department store at the Oviedo Mall.

I just got my second Pfizer COVID-19 shot. I have to wait eleven more minutes-and I have to tinkle. I know the potties are upstairs. No one checks your sheet. I’m going to leave my seat early.

So close to the escalator and the restrooms. My escape route.

I will be back with more.

On the second floor. I was happy to see this sign.

2:36pm😷😷😷 I am sitting in my car and, I’m dizzy. Again, I think it’s hypoglycemia; I’m starving. I ate only a bowl of Cheerios before I left for my second shot. I was running late. What else is new?

I’m headed to Publix to get some plain croissants. Even more later.

3:33 pm. I’m home and am about to make a chicken salad sandwich on an everything croissant. Yes, they looked evil. Publix is evil. So, you know what bloggy is next.

More after I have food.😷😷😷

9:46 pm. I’ve eaten twice since I wrote last. We had baked chicken for dinner. My dizziness subsided. Now, the soreness in the vaccination arm has moved in. I had that reaction to the first one.

It was weird. It felt like I’d worked out some muscles I forgot existed and it was painful to reach out and do things like turn the switch on a floor lamp. That’s the direction I think the pain is going.

The pain was also weird in the fact that it had almost completely disappeared by the next day. I work 4-9 tomorrow so, I hope it does disappear.

The first shot was in my right shoulder. This one was in my left. Neither arm should feel ignored.

More tomorrow. I need to try and go to sleep kind of early.

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