Just photos #2

Another visual blog.

June 1992, Columbia River Gorge between Oregon and Washington. Washington is on the far side.
2020 sky over Oviedo, Florida.
September 1999, driving through Arizona on I-10.
October 2020, thunderstorm, hurricane bands hitting Oviedo, Florida, Aloma Blvd.
June 2005, sunset over the Gulf of Mexico and the Middle Keys, Florida.
June 2005, Hemingway House, Key West, Florida.
June 2005, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys.
August 2020, the sky over my street, Winter Springs, Florida.
Spring 2016, flowers on my Boar’s Head demo table, in an Orlando Publix.
Fall 2000, Myakka River State Park, Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Florida’s West Coast.

All photos taken by Pamela M. Sykes.

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