Having some coffee to face today’s frustrations

I slept late but, not exceedingly late-11:15 am. I was exhausted and the total hours in sleep over two nights still leaves me in a deficit, much like Florida’s rain levels since March. It’s been dry here.

I awoke to find two voice messages. The second from work about coming in because one of the newbie’s called out. Me going into work on my day off wasn’t going to happen after hearing the first voice message.

That was from my OBGYN’s procedure scheduler saying that the day we chose for my D&C was not going to work out. So, me getting rid of this pain before May starts isn’t going to happen.

I’m not happy.. I will be spending a lot of time on my phone but, it won’t be on writing blogs.

I will probably pull out my laptop and write on it in between phone calls.

I’m sick of this pain. I was glad I was going to be getting rid of it.

In other news: my pending paycheck sucks and I already spent $50 0f it at Publix. I needed fuel money and food. My bi-polar meds made me nauseous. That’s a possible side effect of bupropion (Wellbutrin). I don’t get it very often but, this was the second time this week. I think it’s stress.

Just finished my first cuppa joe. Going for another.

Another mug I bought at Coffee People #1 in about 1994.

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