Shredding party

Shredding some promotional mail from AdventHealth with the, probably, cheaply made shredder I got at Walmart with my, now former, employee discount.

Talking and writing about health issues, doctors, insurance and exasperating procedure schedulers is exhausting me.

Btw, kudos to my orthopedic surgeon and his staff. He has his own practice, Hudanich Orthopedics. My God, my total knee replacement-was 500 times MORE complicated than a D&C and, the scheduling was seamless compared to this mini nightmare with scheduling, “…a simple procedure…,” as the scheduling person said. Now, that I think about it, the colonoscopy scheduling was a nightmare too.

I’m taking a break and having a shredding party. Some of this paperwork is really stale. It’s so freeing to reduce this burden and, that’s exactly what it is.

How many trees do we kill each year with unwanted or unneeded paperwork? I’ve seen clear cutting in Oregon and Washington. It ain’t pretty.

I stole these images from the internet.
Clearcut mountain in Oregon. Looks to be in the Cascades or Coast Range. These bald spots could also be called, “future mudslides.”

In keeping with my plan to get to bed earlier, I’m forgoing writing a lengthy or emotionally charged blog. I get too much of a high from writing. While de-cluttering is joyful, it leads to de-stressing and relaxation.

I work 8:30-3:00 tomorrow and am off on Friday. I go see my gynecological oncologist then. I’m kind of scared. Then Saturday starts five consecutive days of work.

In other news: I found out that my 401(k) payout from Walmart is bigger than I thought. I’m taking a check rather than rolling it into a new account because my need for cash is immediate. I’m going to start a 401(k) with Sprouts. I already received information on doing that. I can do it on the app.

I will be here when I can.

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