Juggling a few blogs

Oh boy, am I exhausted. I have started three blogs and then hit walls of exhaustion. After dinner I was going to finish the one I began late this afternoon but, I’m about to drop.

A yellow rose for just the hell of it.

I’ve said I want to try to get on a more normal sleep schedule. It’s 11:07 pm here on the US East Coast.

I’m not even going to watch the news. I’m going to get ready for bed. Maybe read a little more Janet Evanovich and, then crash.

I made some headway on my medical procedures I am going to have done. I now know when my polyp will be removed from my uterus. At this moment I can’t remember the exact date but, it’s the last week of April.

I had a flurry of calls dealing with health issues this afternoon. That was the last blog I was working on.

I am also working on the blog about my first COVID vaccination and one about some absurdities in my life. That’s mostly a pictorial.

Headed upstairs. Goodnight from Central Florida, everyone.

My patient guide from the gynecological oncologist I meet on 4/9.

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