Oh, holy moly, so many appointments

I swear I need a flow chart. What a difference a couple of hours makes. The rest of this month and into May, my life will be run by doctors. The medical (MD &/or DO) kind.

A page from my appointment book. This page was almost blank (except for work shifts) last night.

I really want to spend quality time with some other degrees- the Ph.D, Ed.D, Psy.D kind-attending lectures and taking notes and writing research papers. I love that shit.

Getting poked, stuck, EKG’d, cut open, x-rayed, thermometered, blood pressured (I just made those words up. Get over it) and, the worst, weighed.

Oh yay! I’d rather deal with those anal retentive academic journal editor/citation-style Nazis. You college people know who I mean. The people who make up the citation rules at the end of research papers. Hmm, do I use a colon or a semi-colon or, what the bleep, parentheses between editions, publication dates, periodical type…..???

It’s enough to make your hair fall out. All at once. One of my favorite anthropology professors at UCF, the sadly late, Elayne Zorn Ph.D (Cornell University), told me she had a paper rejected once for exactly one mistake. She used a colon instead of a semi-colon. This can happen a lot in anthropology because of the number of excepted writing styles: APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association) are just two. As a psych major, it was easy: APA, only!

It’s my theory that the people who decide on these rules have no lives and are bitter, passive-aggressives, who possibly, have never been laid. And are older than 40.

Yeah, I’d rather deal with those nutzos who are impacting the possible publication of my dissertation, than get poked, stuck, cut open or weighed.


That was yesterday. It’s 3:55 pm in my world.

Consider this blog unfinished but, published.

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