I’m a slacker

We are on our way home from Publix. Rose bought dinner fixin’s cause after rent I will have three whole bucks.

Driving home from Publix on SR 434. Rose at the wheel.

That IRS money better get here quickly.

I was a bum and slept late. This pain is exhausting. I awoke to a message from the procedure scheduler at my OBGYN’s office. Maybe I misunderstood and she wants to do the D & C earlier than I thought. Unfortunately, I was a slacker and didn’t get the message until after her office was closed. I hope I can get it done soon. Still a lot of, “when,” is equal to the time it takes for the IRS money lands into my bank account.

I’m just relieved to have the taxes done. Sleeping late was kind of my reward for getting them done. My sleep has been abysmal lately.

Too much on my mind, not all of it money and health.

I will get back here and do at least one more blog.

Right now I need to help Rose make dinner. We are making a modified version of the Louisiana inspired seafood boil we made two nights ago. It was tasty but, I suggested that instead of all Old Bay Seasoning, we substitute half for Cajun seasoning. That’s what we are doing.

It’s very nice of her to spring for tonight’s grub. She got her stimulus checks awhile ago.

There’s more java in the kitchen. It’s calling my name.

One of my favorite coffee mugs. I love that devil music-Rock and Roll. I got this mug from Coffee People #1 on NW 23rd (Trendy-third) in, probably, 1994.

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