I want to be my own boss.

I want to create my own schedule.

I want to write on my own schedule instead of having to write around the schedule of my meaningless but necessary job. It screws up my hours!

Then I get stuck staying up to 3 and 4 in the morning because I have an urge to express myself and get some emotion or thought out.

Here I am: exhausted, wanting and needing sleep but, also wanting and needing to write.

It’s difficult living an artistic life. But, I’m glad I chose it over some of the scientific fields I was interested in as a kid: astronomy, biology, geology.

I still really love the social sciences, though.

Writing and photography are my artistic loves.

I want the freedom to practice them whenever I want.

Reflection in the Sandy River, Oxbow Park, Multnomah County Oregon. Mid-1990’s. Photo taken by PM Sykes.

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