I’m sitting in my car

I’m at my usual Publix. I’m getting Rose (not her real name-my roommate) and I some cheese for our dinner.

Whew! I drove here after my tax return appointment. I am so glad I went. As soon as I saw my 2020 refund amount I got hungry; my appetite returned.

Getting rent together will still be a hurdle but, it will be manageable. I’m glad I have two more days off to do the chores on my list, one of which includes paying our rent.

I feel so much more hopeful. I will have some money to pay Tara a good chunk of money I owe on the car. That’s a huge relief because she has been so amazing to me and I so greatly appreciate it and her. I’ve felt horribly guilty but, my cash was flowing out for so many medical issues. I just kept running out of paycheck.

I still don’t have the money for the oil change or the little bitty repair the car needs. It’s a small valve that keeps the car lying to me by warning of a gas cap problem. It’s not the gas cap. Sad thing is, not getting it fixed negatively impacts my fuel mileage.

It could still take 21 days for the refund to get deposited, although, getting this done today also opens up the ability to receive stimulus checks two and three.

Changing jobs to a higher hourly rate was a good move but, I’m not getting as many hours at Sprouts as I was at Walmart. Everyone at Sprouts tells me they will increase over time.

I still want to be writing from home. I expressed this to my Lanning, my tax preparer (he just interrupted the construction of this sentence with a call telling me my info the IRS needed for 2019 just got accepted-double yay!), told me he has a friend who does content writing from home and loves it. He’s his own boss. I dream of that.

Well, I’m hungry so, I’m heading into Publix.

I will probably write another blog tonight. I have a pictorial one in mind.

The lovely view from my driver’s seat as I wrote this. Stunning, ain’t it?

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