Still up but, going to sleep soon

Maybe I will dream a new blog or more details about a short story I began writing in my head

It’s going on 4 am. I am still awake and quickly fading.

I am still so sore. I languished downstairs in front of the tube and could barely move because when I stood up it felt like my uterus was going to fall out.

The pain never completely went away from when I got off work. It’s a good thing that I spoke up to my boss about my seven consecutive day work shifts because I’m pretty sure I’d be calling out on Sunday.

This is so frustrating. Life was supposed to return to normal after my knee replacement. I was supposed to return to my life of rarely getting sick; I think the last time I had the flu was 2000. That’s probably because the Oregon-class immune system had to transition back to my Florida-class immune system.

Oregon had and still has a much smaller, less diverse population than Florida. All the diverse germs brought to Florida pummeled my immune system when we returned in 1999. This is just my theory from my observations.

I’m just not used to having especially bothersome health issues. I’ve had my wings clipped and I don’t like it. Yet, I know it could be much worse. That possible future vaginal cancer would not have been discovered if I hadn’t been having an unrelated uterine pain.

I’m grateful it’s not worse.

Well, I just wanted to flex some writing muscles because I’m eager to really write something but, oh God, I’m so exhausted.

Hopefully, later today-cause, it’s officially Sunday morning.

I Just love roses.

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