It’s been an easy, lazy recuperative day

Although, I need to do laundry. I need work shirts.

I’ve just been poking around WordPress, Facebook and the news outlets.

My abdominal pain is tremendously lessened but, it still feels tender. I’ve been using the Vicks Vaporub or the store brands. It really helps calm the muscles.

My doctor said that the pain is from my uterus trying to expel the polyp. I guess it thinks I need to birth something. The anti-anxiety pills do seem to help because, I suppose, stress tightens up my muscles all over-the evidence does indicate that stress does tighten the musculature-and the pills help me relax it in general. I guess this makes sense.

I found that I have one Oxy from when I had my vascular surgery in December. I’ll save that for when the pain gets really horrible and I don’t work the next day.

I’m still trying to get the oil changed in my car and I’m not sure I have the energy to go air filter shopping today. I need to limit physical activity because I work another three day stretch beginning tomorrow.

I’m am still so very grateful and relieved my medical news wasn’t worse. I feel more empowered knowing what I’m facing. I’m kind of afraid that this is what getting older is going to be about: one medial issue after another in one long chain. I’m hoping I can avoid that when my body-and this frigging pandemic-let’s me return to the gym. I’m still afraid of working out around people who are spewing a lot of air from exercising. I don’t want COVID and I, especially, do not want the possible long term effects. That possible cognitive impairment scares me more than anything. I like my brain. I like my mind. I’m lucky.

I’m glad I’m at least fifty percent vaccinated.

Seminole County is doing a great job at the Oviedo Mall. Almost seamlessly run.

Right now I’m having 99.9% decaf coffee-the Viennese Blend that my friend, Chelle, got me from PJ’s Coffee when she and her husband went to Tennessee. She sent it to me for my birthday. It’s excellent. It’s whole bean. I have to grind it with my coffee mill, just like the old days.

For those of you who don’t know the difference, most people who say that they grind their own coffee are actually, “milling,” it. If your coffee beans are put into an apparatus that has a blade, you are milling or chopping the beans. There is nothing wrong with this. You just need to educate yourself on the subtle differences in grain sizes and their interaction with hot water and brewing methods. You have to know this when using a grinder, which has burrs, also even though the burrs can be adjusted to brewing method.

Coffee mill on top. Burr grinder on bottom. Grinders yield a more uniform grind.

Burr grinders are what professionals use. Coffeehouses use them. Larger batches of beans can be ground very quickly. However, they are expensive and contribute to the price of your $5 latte.

I have a coffee mill. It’s a Mr. Coffee. I don’t like it as much as my Krups, which lasted over twenty years. FYI, if you are a coffee lover and looking for good coffee toys, you almost never go wrong with Krups.

When I was amassing my coffee education working for Coffee People one of the things we all learned was that the Italians initiated much of the espresso trend but, the Germans perfected the equipment. But, I learned espresso on an Italian machine which worked perfectly when shots were correctly ground and dosed. Our drip machines, I’m pretty sure, were German made. Back in the 90’s almost everything related to the coffeehouse business was made by foreigners. The Americans had not sniffed out the profits to be made from making commercial espresso machines yet. The machine I learned on could simultaneously make eight shots of espresso and cost the same as a Honda Civic.

I got off topic. What a shock. I need some food and to start that load of laundry. Oh yay!

I’m drinking my Java out of one of my favorite coffee mugs, which I’m pretty sure I bought in a Winter Springs Goodwill store, a long way from Key West.

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