Cooking my lunch

You can see the intricate detail of my lunch recipe.

Nuking a curry lentil bowl for my lunchtime grub.

I’m starving. My head cashier sent me a couple minutes early cause she knew I was about to start munching on paper. Bags.

I’m using the nuker in the traditional (pre-COVID) breakroom because the commercial one in the COVID breakroom sucks giant silverback gorilla balls.

Last week I had to zap a rice bowl three times to get my shrimp pink. That was almost half my break.

It was the same at Walmart. The commercial microwave sucked while the Hamilton Beach never broke down.

I got my chow into the room we now use as a breakroom. No silverware. And, I forgot to grab a paper cup for my coffee. Damnit, I strolled over to the deli and grabbed a spoon and asked the sushi dude if they had anything I could use as a drinking vessel. They gave me a four ounce plastic soufflé cup. Works for me.

My coffee delivery system.

Have to concentrate on eating. More later.

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