Still hungry

7:45 am

My head is still pounding and my stomach is still growling. I just drank the second and final bottle of that nasty CLENPIQ.

Yep, it still tastes like stinky feet.

I barely slept because of my headache and being terrified I would fall into some low blood 🩸 sugar coma. I’ve been shaky for many hours. So, I’m going to try to return to slumber for about an hour. Oh, I found out why I slept so late yesterday; I accidentally set my alarm for 1:00 am.

Between now and 10:40 am I have to drink at least three 8 ounce cups of clear fluid. I can’t have anything beyond that time, which is two hours before the colonoscopy.

Nope, not pee, either. It’s warm pineapple jello.

10:20 am

I’m having a cup of hot chicken broth. I will probably follow that with a cup of white grape juice and then that’s all I can have till it’s procedure is done.

My roommate is taking me to the office in Orlando where the doctor will do the colonoscopy. It’s not past downtown-not as far as I thought.

I’m scared there’s something scary in there.

Chicken broth. Oh yay!

11:36 am


11:40 am

Supposedly, they are dealing with the issue. I again repeated that the procedure was happening TODAY and I wasn’t putting myself through this crap again and had no money to get another prescription.

I also added, “I’m already putting bad publicity out there on Facebook and my blogsite!” I am so fucking pissed.

12:08 pm

Now they are telling me I owe $192 fir the procedure plus $68 for the doctor. I told them I have $100 and was not expecting to pay anything except my usual co-pay. I am so fucking pissed. I told them it’s still happening.

This is a fucking nightmare.

12:47 pm

I guess I’m in. The intake nurse was nice as was the anesthesiologist. But, I’m still pissed and telling my primary and calling my insurance company.

3:59 pm

It’s done. We’re at IHOP in Casselberry. Rose is diabetic and I’m hypoglycemic; we are both STARVING and ready to eat the upholstery on the booth benches.

We got decaf. I asked for lots of cream or, the cow.

Our server understands the concept of, “lots of cream.”

It turned out the, “back of the house,” staff at the surgery center was a huge contrast to the receptionists. Still, my primary is gonna hear about it.

Dr. Giday, the gastroenterologist, found four polyps. I think the nurse said two were kind of large so, I got clips inside me. Yay. Supposedly, they get pooped out.

I have to go see the doctor in, I think, two weeks. He’s going to tell me what the biopsies say. Yay! Still don’t know if I’m ok. I hate this.

My first solid food in 39 hours.

5:26 pm

We are back home. I’m exhausted. Dr. Giday cleared me to work tomorrow but, I’m not supposed to lift things heavier than ten pounds. Clearly, he never worked in a grocery store.

Scratch the four polyps. Looks like there were just two and paperwork said they, “appeared to be benign.” However, I was told something to the effect that they, “…have to look at them.” I’m unsure; I was stoned. I have a file of paperwork. I’m not feeling so good. I’m glad I brought half my omelette home. I didn’t want to overdo it.

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