I’m stuffed

My procedure is done but, had I not put up a stink with the receptionists after being told my procedure was canceled due to non-authorization, it would not have happened.

It HAD been authorized. Their office is obviously disorganized. I have never been so angry in a doctor’s office. I even called my primary doctor’s office while we were driving to the surgery center and was told the authorization was sent.

Did they seriously expect me to inconvenience a boatload of people-AGAIN-because their record-keepers are incompetent? Did they expect me to pay another 50 bucks and, probably more because of the insurance company balking, for another round of that nasty CLENPIQ?

After putting up a noisy fight, using very few curse words (proud of myself), they decided to let me keep my appointment.

I got this folder full of information I am too exhausted to read.

We went to IHOP in Casselberry on the way home. I ordered an omelette and three multigrain pancakes with decaf and I couldn’t eat the whole omelette.

I’m glad I didn’t force myself to eat it. I feel like I’m going to bust.

I’m washing two parts of my CPAP machine and going upstairs for a shower and then I’m crashing.

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