Crashing a little early

Actually, it’s a lot early for me, yet, in my dream world it is my normal crashing time. I want to get back into my habit of reading-a book-before I go to sleep. I miss that practice.

Janet Evanovich, New Jersey transplant to Florida. There aren’t too many of them here, are there? LOL.

She’s not my favorite writer but, I can see where she got better. She develops her crazy characters (think female Hiaasen and Dorsey) very well and they really drive the insanity that is usually the plot.

I need laughs right now.

I set aside my Michael Connelly, who writes about crime and mayhem in a serious vein. He’s a Florida boy so, I have to love him.

I might be taking a break from here for a couple of days. There are some personal financial things I need to get done.

Thus, I need the laughs.

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