It was a Uranus kind of day

Weirdness. That’s what Uranus symbolizes. Uranus is the ruler (really not the right word but, it’s the traditional one) of Aquarius, the sign associated with weirdness.

After Uranus was discovered and, before it was known to have rings or its bizarre 98 degree axis tilt, it was assigned to be the ruler of and embodiment of the sign Aquarius. Its axis tilt is the perfect symbol of rebellion and individuality and standing out from the crowd.

I’m Aquarius so, I have an astrological excuse for being weird. Ha!

No, really, it was a day ruled by weirdness.

It began with my waking up. I slept through eight alarms. I didn’t hear a single one. I was supposed to be up by 6:00 am. Purely by happenstance, I awoke at 7:11. I wanted to try and leave for work by 7:45. I left, miraculously, at 7:55 and I got to work on time.

It’s a good thing I stock the fridge with mini tubs of Noosa yogurt. I downed a cup of coconut and ate a dark chocolate cherry 🍒 Kind bar on the way to work.

By the way, dark chocolate cherry Kind bars are yummy. They are even more yummy when they are obtained for free from the Sprouts employee breakroom stash.

Also, they are way cheaper at Sprouts than they are in the Barnes & Noble Cafe.

I felt the odd vibes when I reached SR 434, which is right around the corner from my apartment. I sat in my car, perpendicular to a road that is generally very busy. However, at eight-ish it’s usually calmer because the morning rush usually falls between 7 am and 7:30 am.

At 7:55 am the pile of cars seemed to go on and on. When the space came, I turned right and immediately stopped at the first intersection for a red light. I got nervous that this traffic was going to make me late. I relaxed a little when I recalled that on the same travel schedule I’d been arriving about 12-18 minutes before my shift started.

Although the traffic felt odd, it was the energy that buzzed differently. It’s difficult to describe this feeling to those of you not tuned into surrounding energy. It’s ethereal and, yet, tangible. A true Uranian/Aquarian contradiction.

Work chugged along pretty smoothly. There wasn’t too much weirdness there except that, maybe, the card reader (debit/credit machine) on lane one, where I was working, misbehaved almost as many times as was normal for any register at Walmart. No, not really. At Walmart, the card readers malfunction at least three or four times an hour. At my shift at Sprouts today, it happened about four times during my whole shift. They almost never do that so, yeah, maybe that was weird.

All during work, from my left cheek pocket, my phone kept chirping and dinging with phone messages and texts and, of course, spoof numbers. Yes, my Springtime stalker has resurfaced. This time he’s calling with non-fixed VOIP numbers and sending fake number texts. I even got a spoof call from my fave stalker’s hometown. Yay for east Orange County.

Gotta love technology, when this crap started in about 2003, spoof texts were not possible. I love when I call numbers and the computer tells me that the number I’ve called is not valid, even though I’ve simply tapped on the number recorded by my phone’s caller ID. Thankfully, this does not happen as often as it used to.

Today was also weird because I received no fake friend requests on Facebook. Actually, it’s that a weird trend continued. I used to get at least one a day. Last Spring, I swear, there were days I was getting six a day. Clearly, the COVID lockdown was making at least one person on Facebook extremely bored. I’m almost feeling wistful for those fake engineers, military personnel and orthopedic surgeons, who have “no schools to show.”

I guess there is a market for mail order orthopedic medicine degrees.

I think one of the most interesting odd events of my work shift was ringing up a lady who looked too young to be buying wine. She was very nice but, looked about twenty.

I picked up her bottle and it was from a winery I’d never heard of: Prophecy. Hers was a rose. The label caught my eye because the drawn figure was a young woman on a background that looked to be a giant wheel. It reminded me of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot combined with the World Tarot card, except that the female figure was clothed-in a long, flowing dress. Both of those cards are considered to be very positive.

This is a pic of the wine she got. Photo is from the internet.

I even said to my customer, “Oh, wow, that looks like the Wheel of Fortune and World cards.” She knew exactly what I was talking about, “Oh my God, you’re right.”

The World Tarot card.

Then I asked for her ID. She handed it to me and her birthday was 11/11. Interesting, cause in New Agey circles, it is believed that the number 1111 is very special. Eleven-eleven am or pm is supposed to be the times of the day when The Universe is most open to receiving and hearing your requests.

The Wheel of Fortune card. Both photos are of cards in my own Rider-Waite deck.

I know the empirical evidence is questionable but, the spiritual side of me says that science can answer probably about 80% of our questions and the remainder are answered in a crap shoot.

I was amused by something named Prophecy being associated to, even via a thin thread, the number 1111.

There was also the very cool older couple who must have been late hippies. The woman was wearing a face mask with drawn images of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The man had one with cartoon images of Dr. Fauci. They were great.

Some cool astronomy pics I stole from the internet. Note that Uranus’ axis is so severe that it practically rolls.
Uranus, seventh planet from the Sun.

It was also weird that in the fashion of my Zep-dars, as coined by Brian, events of knowing when Zeppelin songs are coming on on the radio, I knew I would snap on my car’s radio and find Guns and Roses playing. Indeed, I was tortured by Guns and Screeching Axl. Right after that I knew the next song would be, “Don’t Stop Believing,” by Journey. That was weird. The first was a warning to put in earplugs. I just hope the second one was kind of a Prophecy.

The rings of Uranus.

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