I apologize

I was insensitive.

When I wrote my Sunday blog about Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry I hadn’t heard the part about her contemplating suicide or, the extremely nasty bit about racism. Racism is EXACTLY what the foundation of that question was. Being concerned about skin tone should only happen when choosing a sunscreen lotion. That question was despicable. There is zero excuse for that. Obviously, the royals have a lot to discuss. And, probably have some anthropology texts to read. RACE IS A MYTH!!!!!!!

I can relate to her feelings having experienced three suicidal ideations since last October, I completely understand.

My attitude toward the royals is much the same as my attitude about all people who are famous for being famous. Think Paris Hilton and all the Kardashians.

I just get really annoyed with celebrities who have all the money available to do as they please. To get the help and care they need while the rest of us struggle to even pay for probiotics, vitamins and food or housing.

I was ignorant of just how colonial and regressed royal protocol and culture is. I blame my optimism about the progress of culture.

They absolutely MUST institute a way of of treatment for royal family members who ask for it. The need is inherent in the asking! Things should never have gotten that bad for Meghan-or anyone else.

I know what despair feels like. I should not have been so quick to judge.

Anyone experiencing any thoughts or feelings of not wanting to live should be treated and interpreted as a suicide possibility. That’s how I would describe my three events since October-all related to financial hardships. Mine were initiated by the cancellation of my health insurance.I was saved by stating that I was going to be done with living. I meant it still because if I were to have no immediate access to health care, especially with colon cancer breathing down my neck, I just didn’t want and don’t want to live. Without good health there is no quality of life. So, what is the fucking point? I didn’t and still don’t have the physical or mental strength-or in some cases, time-to jump through a bunch of governmental hoops to get to the charity care to treat something as serious as cancer. Having health insurance gets me that access. It’s an extremely sad truth in our country.

NO ONE should ever be put into the position of being denied mental health treatment. With many physical health situations, if the physical issue is not immediately urgent, the mental health treatment should come first. There is ALWAYS a mental health component to a physical problem.

For example, my knee replacement surgery was scary, not for the actual operation, because I had tremendous faith in the skill of my surgeon. The scary parts were: 1) what money was I going to live on for three months of recovery? 2) what the hell is dealing with a big scary hospital institution like? I had no clue. My health history to that point was a real snooze fest. I hadn’t spent the night in a hospital in 59 years (except for two sleep studies and they were minor experiences). In short, the slicing open of a body part didn’t even concern me because I knew I had a great doctor. Of course, now that I know he loves Motley Crue, I’m beginning to question my judgement-just kidding! My point is that there is always a psychological variable. Mine just happened to concern the surrounding ones. Honestly, faith got me through it. I had to have faith that I was going to survive the financial consequences. I was lucky.

Mental health should ALWAYS be taken seriously and put on the same level of importance as physical health. Suicidal ideation or talk should ALWAYS be taken seriously, no matter the level of lethality.

I’m pretty sure that Meghan and Harry recognized the importance of psychology in leaving the royal fold. That takes guts and I am thankful that they took a stand.

What follows are three screenshots from a CNN article I got from my app today.


2 thoughts on “I apologize

  1. Thank you so very much for sharing your story and for all the compassion and concern you’re showing others in similar situations. I’m so very happy that you’re still here with us, I know it’s not been easy but you are definitely necessary.

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