Good news, disappointing news and still waiting for news


It was only four bucks.

I will take what I can get.

This is a prelude to a later blog describing my latest doctor encounter. Sounds kind of naughty, I know but, have you ever noticed that when you get paperwork from your doctor, somewhere on the sheet will be the words, “last encounter,” and the date? For example, it might say, “Last encounter 7/8/2020.” Of course, it’s referring to the last appointment. It just always makes me giggle and think, hmm, English majors did not design this particular part of the doctor/patient info in the software. Why didn’t they just program it to say, “Last visit,” or, “ Last appointment,” or, “Last treatment?” Or, maybe, I just have a dirty imaginative mind.

Yeah, I’m going with that.

More later. I finally feel like eating.

Got my last girlie parts biopsy. Results take longer than you’d frigging think.

If it’s a BIG winning ticket the computer doesn’t print anything on it. You just get a separate piece of paper with, “Congratulations,” and instructions on how to collect your winnings printed on it.

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