Just chillin’

Mary McDonnell as Captain Sharon Raydor on “Major Crimes.”

As usual I’m exhausted. I can’t wait to get all my medical tests done and I hope and pray I won’t need any surgery. If there’s any chance I have cancer in my uterus, I want it out. Take my womb. I don’t need it anyway. I have the vaginal biopsy tomorrow at 10 am. I’m nervous.

I called my OBGYN at 4:30 this afternoon to see if I could hear something about my biopsy results. My doctor’s office was closed. I hope that I haven’t heard via letter or phone call doesn’t mean she was saving bad news for my appointment tomorrow.

I’m just trying to relax in front of the tube. I’m heating leftovers in the oven. I also have a chicken Caesar salad that’s large enough to split over two meals.

Today was gossip day at work: Sprouts gossip and a funny tidbit about one of my doctors told to me by an anesthesiologist, who I had to card fir his beer. It couldn’t be helped. He was wearing scrubs (I’ve mentioned how I feel about doctors in scrubs before) but, he had a cute baby face who had a February birthdate-three days before mine. He was very nice and joked about being carded. Now, that I think about it, I think he thought I was flirting. He had a ring. No way would I flirt with a n obviously married man.

This is going to be Blog Extra Light because I’m whooped and it’s been a long time since I actually vegged out in front of the tube.

Right now I’m watching, “Major Crimes,” on Start TV. Below is actress, Kearran Giovanni, as Detective Amy Sykes. She does have a cool pretend last name.

Yes, that is a lava lamp on the left. I’m such a hippie-a lazy one cause I didn’t turn it on.

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