Oh, whaaa, I wish I had their problems

Why am I not really paying attention to this crap? Meghan and Harry being interviewed by Oprah. Wow!

The Royals in pain. Get over yourselves.

This is on for background noise and only because our TV antenna refuses to pick up the MeTV channel so, we are not watching, “Columbo.” That’s the real tragedy.

Actually, I will cut them some slack for the racist crap that has been hurled at them. That is despicable. Meghan IS a beautiful woman who, I do believe, is a good soul.

For God’s sake, you’re unhappy because of the Royal Stress?? Oh please, these are clearly two people who have every resource to get counseling. Most people have none of that.

Ok, that’s off my chest.

I worked 2-7 today. I’m seeing more evidence of favoritism. I’m still grateful to be employed, though. I think I mentioned the job opening in the Seminole County tax collector’s office. I want to apply and send in my resume. It’s more money per hour. I’d have a regular schedule. And, as Chelle jokes, I’d probably get to meet lots of obnoxious people from northeastern New Jersey. It could be some comic relief.

My immediate boss, Horance (not her real name), annoyed me today. I clocked in and did my produce walk,* read my register (lane) assignment and went to work. Moments later, Horance came over and asked, “Did you write this?” I looked at it and was immediately insulted. Someone had written on our work station assignment sheet, “No breaks??? Is this even legal?” The author was referring to a common practice there of only getting lunches and no 15 minute breaks because of short-handedness. “No! First of all, that handwriting is way more legible than mine and I don’t think it was there when I wrote my initials in the produce walk box.” I was pissed. Of course, it’s the new person. Did she even stop to think of what stupidity it takes to do that? My brain could probably run circles around hers. Then I told her that I didn’t think it was there when I signed on. I don’t know if she solved that mystery. I really don’t care. This woman does not like me and the feeling is kind of mutual. But, later on she came over and told me to recheck my schedule, “ I did a little changing.” I thought she said she changed my shift for tomorrow. Before I left I asked, “Did you change my schedule because I checked during my break and it looked the same?” “I think I gave you another day.” “Oh, ok, good. Thank you.” When I got to my car I found that she put me on the schedule for the 14th. I did have off on Saturday and Sunday but, I need the money.

Overall, work was ok. I’m glad to be employed.

Me and my legs, in the non-COVID breakroom, relaxing a little and rolling my eyes at my messages and calls

My phone weirdness returned. It seems to be seasonal-the spoofing-it seems to start up in March and lasts, at least, through Summer.

My phone kept buzzing in my back pocket pocket all day. My break started at 4:45 pm. Once I was in the breakroom I saw I had received a text message from a number in the 980 area code. The number was completely unfamiliar to me. The text message was a one word question, “Pam?” Creep factor high here, folks. I googled the area code: North Carolina. Nope, I have no connections there. Then I realized I had a missed call from this same number. The caller left no voice message. The caller ID listed the town it came from as Lincolnton. It’s near Charlotte. Nope, no connections there. I did a reverse phone look up and learned it’s, “non-fixed; VOIP.” I think that means it could be a Skype number. Then I learned that the number is currently, unassigned. Oh yay! My spoof caller might be baaack. I have two candidates. If I’m going to attract obsessed men can’t they please be obsessed with OPENLY expressing their feelings? Please, pretty please? These covert shenanigans got old a long time ago.

Why doesn’t some crazy person spoof call the Royals? Yeah, they have people to fix that.

*A produce walk is what cashiers have to do before heading to a register. We walk through the produce department and mentally take notes of sales, new items, etc. Thirty percent of Sprouts’ earnings come from this department.

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