Writers should write every day, right?

That’s true. We SHOULD write every day but, I’m exhausted. That’s my mantra.

I’m musing over a few things. I seriously want to attract money-earning it or winning it. I don’t care. I need more money. I owe money. I want to pay my dues.

Life continues to be just peachy.

I’m also stressed about what’s happening in my body. I’m so glad I asked Dr. Lauridsen, my primary, for anti-anxiety meds. They do help. I just noticed last night that she gave me three refills. Yippie.

Our latest schedule was posted and for the first time I got over-slightly-thirty hours per week. That’s for the third week in March. I’m having to re-arrange my budget according to weekly checks. Sounds as if it would be good but, it’s been challenging because my checks are smaller. I’m getting at least ten fewer hours per week than I was getting at Walmart but, my hourly rate is higher. The last job I had that paid weekly was Barnes & Noble. I quit there in 2015 to work full time for a Boar’s Head distributor. That was a great job until my boss’s new son-in-law got his own BH distribution franchise and my boss had to move his business to Volusia County, which is northeast of here, one county over. That’s where Daytona and New Smyrna are. I was already driving over to Titusville (Brevard County, the Space Coast) two times a week. I decided to look for something immediately local.

Walmart was supposed to be my transition job but, it turned out to be not horrible. In fact, I was downright pleasantly surprised. That lasted for two years. The last 2.5 years were a slow downward slide. The store just wasn’t the same. I think most of that came from upstairs, meaning Bentonville, Arkansas. That’s where Walmart is headquartered, for those who didn’t know.

Now, a new job possibility is on the horizon. My friend, Chelle, sent me a link to apply for a customer service representative position in the Seminole County Tax Collector’s office. That’s where we go to renew licenses and auto tags, boat tags, etc. She works at one in Flagler County. It’s more money and a set, regular schedule. I hope she will help me upgrade my resume. I suck at doing resumes.

Oops, I pause here for a low battery interruption. It’s 12:33 am ET on Sunday. I’m going to go upstairs and plug this phone in to finish this bloggy.

It’s 12:53 am. My phone is connected to its IV. It’s getting nourishment. Just before I came up here to my bedroom I had a slight panic, do I have a clean work shirt? Whew, I found one. I don’t work till 2 pm so, I would have plenty of time to wash one but, knowing me, I’d wake up and forget I needed to do laundry if, indeed, I did need to do laundry. Then I’d be screwed. So, if I did need a clean shirt I’d be doing a load of laundry right now. Am I making sense? Probably not, but this is just for fun and practice. I’m not even stoned on Xanax yet. Just wait.

Be back soon. I gotta floss my teeth


I’m so peachy y’all get two pics of peaches.

Hey, it’s 1:55 am. I’ve been gone for an hour??! I did my flossing and brushing and mouth washing and alarm setting. Then I had to reconnect my CPAP machine. I discovered I had a missing part which is just more convenient than essential. It probably got poured into the dish tub in the other side of the kitchen sink. I ain’t going back downstairs. Oh yeah, I also got sidetracked murdering a roach. My roommate laughs at me when we’re in separate rooms and she hears me yell. “Die, motherfucker, die.” She rightly recognizes the activity I’m engaged in.

I take glee in spraying them with Zevo (available at Target for $8 for a 12 ounce spray bottle) and watching them do the death palsy dance, flop over and flail their little roachy legs for two seconds and then croak. It makes me smile. I don’t even care if their hugely extended roachy family mourns and has to plan a little roachy funeral, which will lack a little roachy corpse because I will have tossed it’s ugly self into the trash. It’s a fitting service. I hate those things. The Zevo works great if you spray them directly. The household cleaner, Simple Green (love that stuff) kills them too, in the same entertaining manner but, more slowly.

It’s 2:13 am. Enough practice writing for now. I’m crashing.

I just realized that he kind of looks like the baby version of my orthopedic surgeon-( he was probably an adorable little boy, which is one reason he’s evil) when he shaves his pate. Or, Baby Mr. Clean? Jeff Bezos?


3 thoughts on “Writers should write every day, right?

  1. I know that you’re enduring many hardships right now, there’s definitely a lot on your plate, and I do hope and pray that everything works out for the best for you because you absolutely deserve it. Keep doing what you’re doing because it will all pay off for you.

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  2. I agree, writers *should* write every day. You amaze me in that you not only do every day, but *multiple* times each day! I would love to write daily, but there’s just not enough time. Or maybe I’m just not making the time. We have 2 challenged teens, so between my work for The Dallas Morning News (I’m an editor who only occasionally gets the chance to write), my family, freelance writing I’m currently doing for a local hospital, searching for a new job outside the newspaper industry and other commitments, there just isn’t as much time for writing as I wish there were. You made me smile with your roach murder scene. I despise ’em too! 😉 Hope you get your test results soon. I can’t keep up with all your posts so I hope I don’t miss that, lol! Have a good Sunday.

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    1. Thank you. I’m hoping to get through this health scare and write some more journalistic pieces. I appreciate your comments very much. I really love the blogs you post.


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