Email address nightmare

Oh dear Gawd, this event made my crying induced headache even worse. I am trying to submit documents to the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Because of last Summer’s hacking incident by an obsessed almost relationship guy (Hmm, number two in my list of almosts) I had to change my phone, my phone number four times (three times in one week alone), my Facebook passwords about four times and my email address twice.

The Marketplace site is giving me a hard time getting into my online account. I had to talk to three different Marketplace agents-each of them extremely nice and honestly trying to be helpful.

I had to go down so many mazes to try to fix this issue I can’t even recall everything I attempted. Stress has seriously done a number on my recall abilities. So, this is what an average IQ feels like??!!

The result turned out that if I snail mail my documents by 3/8 I will be ok. It helps that each interaction I had tonight will be noted in my account.

Rose was still awake so I photo copied the paperwork. I’m preparing the documentation for tomorrow’s mail pick up.

My head is throbbing and I still haven’t eaten dinner.

This has been one big day of venting.

Thanks fir reading and listening.

I just really, really, really need to attract some cash.

P.S. I remembered I needed to renew my auto tag that expired on 2/19. I took pics of the order form I filled out online and a screenshot of the confirmation email from the State of Florida in case I get pulled over.

But, if I don’t get the money to pay fir the car, the seller might take it back. Then I will be another kind of fucked.

Send me any spare miracles you got. Please.

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